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David Brodosi is a director-level specialist that leads strategic technological innovations and operations for teaching, learning, and instructional design at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. For the past 27 years, David Brodosi served as a point of connection between teaching, pedagogy, and the use of current and emerging technologies across classrooms, online courses, active learning labs, and other learning environments. Direct oversight of instructional design, videography, AV, and technology services personnel. As the department lead, David ensures that the University’s investments in teaching and learning technologies enable, inform, and serve continuous and innovative fulfillment of the University’s teaching and learning mission. 

David Brodosi works closely with senior leadership across the USFSP campus, and the University System while directing and mentoring the daily operations of the instructional design team and instructional technology services support teams. David partners with faculty, staff, and students to set strategies for creating distinctive and innovative educational experiences using technology for both brick and mortar classes as well as online courses. Maintains active connections with peer and industry partners to stay apprised of new and emerging academic technologies that directly inform innovation and investments in education. Continuously builds relationships with curricular leadership and teaching faculty to support and further develop an institutional vision for educational technologies.

  • Research, develop and recommend prioritization, budgeting, and resource planning in support of delivering world-class technology-enhanced learning spaces and educational technology solutions at USFSP.
  • Conduct needs assessment of staffing and resources to support educational technologies and proposed a model for a productive, energetic, responsive, and diverse team to support the University’s increasing technological needs and expectations. Provided leadership for implementing technology that helps develop innovative course content and new teaching & learning experiences. 
  • Promote and support teaching and learning innovations at the University; actively serve as an advisor for faculty, students and staff on best practices for integrating technology into teaching and learning and propose solutions for the same.
  • Champion the needs of the University; serve as the liaison to internal and external resources and partners, representing interests in our administrative systems and other services. 
  • Oversee USFSP’s centralized AV Support for over 80 academic spaces. Expand and enhance support levels to consistent delivery through evaluation and best practices recommendations and implementation.
  • Represent University at national consortiums and maintain an active presence in professional learning networks such as AVIXA and Educause.
  • Responsible for the leadership and management of employees assigned to the department. Responsible for recruiting and selecting, developing and coaching, rewarding and retaining, and optimizing talent.


Zoom, Echo Frames, Spatial, Magic Leap, Web Meetings, and Synchronous Online Learning

Why face-to-face meetings are still sometimes what is needed, and what this may tell us about the future of online education.

September 30, 2019

This week, I had one of those uncomfortable realizations that cause me to question my ability to make sense of the world. My latest revelation that everybody else already knows – and which I seem to be the last to grasp – is that sometimes face-to-face discussions are better than online meetings.

That’s right. I had an experience this week where an in-person meeting was superior to a discussion on Zoom.

It turns out that some discussions are better held in a shared physical location. Zoom is still not able to capture the subtleties of body language or substitute for the interpersonal bonding that comes with meeting face-to-face.

High fidelity collaboration, particularly among humans who don’t yet know each other, seems to require more bandwidth than even the most crystal clear of video and audio feeds.

Does this mean that we will be consigned to a lifetime of travel by airplane, train, bus, or car to attend face-to-face meetings?

As an online learning evangelist, how worried should I be about the seemingly insurmountable advantage that geographic co-existence seems to enjoy over collaboration at a distance?

In this same week that I was having my uncomfortable realization that some collaborations are poorly optimized for distance, Amazon decided to release the Echo Frames.

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David Brodosi

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David Brodosi









David Brodosi


David Brodosi


David Brodosi


David Brodosi


David Brodosi is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of success in the higher education industry. Skilled employer Relations, Nonprofit Organizations, Career Development, Coaching, Conflict Resolution, and instructional design. David Brodosi provides guidance on tech strategies and trends for state-of-the-art classrooms, course development, and faculty design support services. Mr. Brodosi is recognized as a thought leader regarding the intersection of AV/IT, collaboration technology that supports his organization’s mission to deliver world-class research and tech solutions for higher education institutions. Strong community and social services professional with strong education professional with a Post Graduate focused on curriculum and development.

David Brodosi’s Research/Specialty Areas: Emerging Educational Technology, Instructional Design Services, Online Learning, Faculty Training & Development, Team Leadership, and Management Theory.




Great Big Story’s mission statement reads as follows: “We believe there is magic in the world and it’s our mission in life to help you discover it. We search for stories showing a sense of optimism for the world…because goodness can grow through the smallest cracks in the sidewalk.”

How they help us discover the world’s magic is through video: short, professionally produced videos about people and phenomena all over the world, stories that will pique your curiosity and give you the sense of wonder about the world. Videos can be browsed by themes like Human Condition, Planet Earth, and Flavors (yep, all about food), or in curated playlists. There’s one on being a travel writer, one about a people in the great outdoors, and one on the accidental invention of the best snack food ever.

Video is becoming a well-respected form of “text” that can be consumed and analyzed as deeply as any print text, so collections like these should become a part of your school’s library of options for classroom materials. One word of warning: Although the content on the site has been rated safe for all audiences on YouTube and Facebook, the videos on Great Big Story were not made specifically for a student audience, and some material will not be appropriate for younger viewers. Teachers should preview videos before sharing them with students.


David Brodosi


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Extron and Panopto Streamline Video Capture

David Brodosi Extron and PanoptoPRNewswire/ — Extron, the leader in integrated AV solutions, and Panopto, the leading enterprise video platform provider, today announced a strategic partnership to seamlessly integrate Extron’s configurable AV control systems with Panopto’s media capture software and video content management system.

For businesses and universities, the partnership will dramatically simplify the recording and management of presentations, lectures, and events. Starting today, Extron is making available certified drivers for its in-room control systems, which now integrate with Panopto’s video capture software, enabling presenters to start and stop Panopto-compatible remote recorders with a single click. Second, in the coming months, Extron’s SMP (Streaming Media Processors) will also be directly integrated with Panopto, enabling ad hoc and scheduled video streaming from SMP products through the Panopto video content management system. The integration will support live, scheduled and on-demand publishing workflows.

“This is a very exciting time as Extron integrates solutions from our uniquely broad AV product portfolio with Panopto’s powerful enterprise video streaming platform to provide robust turn-key video solutions for the modern classroom and meeting space,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Extron. “Whether it be simple push-button control to hands-off, fully-automated streaming and recording for any environment, we are jointly taking media capture and management to a new level of simplicity for the industry.”

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David Brodosi