Supporting Underprepared Students in the Online Classroom

David BrodosiEngaging students through a computer screen requires a unique approach to pedagogy and innovative course design.  The feeling of “getting it right” typically involves a good deal of testing and modification given the wide array of design formats and technology tools available, not to mention the varying needs of students, many of whom are underprepared for online learning (Bettinger & Loeb, 2017).

Common Student Challenges

In online courses, certain student challenges tend to come up time and again, which disrupts learning or impedes completing coursework on time. Some of these behavior profiles include:

  • Ghosting, students who disappear entirely or who don’t reach out to the instructor, even when they are performing poorly
  • Students for whom everything is seemingly negotiable, including due dates
  • Students who wait until the last minute to complete assignments, noticeably jeopardizing the quality of their work
  • Those with a post-deadline emergency who contact their instructors with an excuse for a late assignment after the deadline
  • Freeriders, or students who ride in the wake of their hard-working teammates, contributing as little as possible to the group effort

Many of these problems are widespread; indeed, several of these issues align with the pattern of online student personality types described by Judy (2018).

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David Brodosi

Photo of David Brodosi, a leader in higher education
David Brodosi
David Brodosi
David Brodosi

David Brodosi, a leader in higher education

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