IoT Invasion Threaten Higher Ed Security?

David Brodosi IoTIf you thought BYOD was a challenge, say hello to IoT.

Much like the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon, untold numbers of internet of things (IoT) devices appearing on campus networks are shining a bright light on the need for heightened cybersecurity. While IoT and IoT systems have the potential to bring big value to higher education institutions, that value will not be realized unless institutions adopt a thoughtful security strategy.

Higher education thinks differently about IoT than enterprises do: unlike enterprises, colleges and universities operate discrete networks. Higher education institutions typically include residential networks for students, guest networks, and a campus or business network.

On the residential and guest side, it’s often the “wild, wild west” where anything goes. Columbia University in New York, for instance, operates a wide-open wireless network that spills into public spaces around the campus. At any given time, thousands of independent devices could be locking into the network.

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David Brodosi

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