STEM And STEAM Education: Why We Need Them

This 30-year summer STEM program has backing from pharmaceutical giant GSK, but this artist and hacker believes we should not leave art and encourage more STEAM programs.

David Brodosi STEM education Highered

Thirty years later, the GSK Science in the Summer program has exposed more than 300,000 vulnerable and underserved students in grades two through six to STEM programming around the country.

Becki Lynch, Director of US Community Partnerships at GSK, said that STEM education is more critical than ever for all children. 

“It’s vital to the future of our workforce, and we need to equip all children with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive economy,” said Lynch. “STEM careers are some of the fastest-growing and highest paying and the disparity of access to these pathways for women and people of color is a pressing issue of social and economic justice.”

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David BrodosiDavid Brodosi with sons

David Brodosi with sons

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