Why the academy must embrace its online future | VentureBeat

Online education is hot these days. A perfect storm of record-level student debt, stagnating job growth, and soaring tuition prices has forced a knee-jerk reaction among universities now scrambling to offer free courses online, either through their own platforms or partnerships with startups like Coursera and Udacity. Professors, college administrators, and policymakers have expressed sharply divided views over what this shift means for an institutional learning model that has persisted for hundreds of years. But amidst the debate, lost is the voice of the student.

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Traverie Uses Your Friends’ Facebook Photos to Help You Pick Your Next Vacation Destination

It’s like a free travel magazine that eschews articles for a direct line to globe-trotting photographers you already trust — or, at least, trust enough to friend on Facebook.

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GOP Study Committee Director Disowns Brief Attacking Current IP Law

“Saturday an article was featured on Slashdot which expressed some hope, if just a fool’s hope, that a recent Republican Study Committee Brief could be a sign of broader national discussion about the value of current copyright law. When one sees such progress, credit is deservedly given. Unfortunately, others in Washington did not perhaps see this as worthy of praise. The committee’s executive director, Paul Teller, sent a memo today disavowing the earlier pro-copyright reform brief. From the memo: ‘Yesterday you received a Policy Brief or [sic] copyright law that was published without adequate review within the RSC and failed to meet that standard. Copyright reform would have far-reaching impacts, so it is incredibly important that it be approached with all facts and viewpoints in hand.’ People who live in districts such as Ohio’s 4th would do well to send letters of support to those who crafted the original brief. I cannot imagine party leadership will be happy with so radical a suggestion as granting copyright protection for the limited times needed to promote the progress of science and useful arts.”


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Teaching and Learning Online

Whether you’re still primarily a proponent of the face-to-face, “brick-and-mortar” classroom experience, you’re an eager evangelist of the opportunities that online learning offers to students, instructors, and institutions, or you fall somewhere in the middle, it’s hard to deny the increasing popularity of online learning — and the increasing likelihood that you may teach an online course at some point in the future.

Although preparing for an online course requires some of the same steps you’d take while preparing for a course taught in a physical classroom or lecture hall, there are certain considerations specific to teaching with technology. This week, we discuss tips and topics associated with instruction in this particular milieu. We’ll begin by examining some of the factors you should bear in mind while evaluating which media and technology delivery channels best fit into your workflow.

Utilizing Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Outcomes by CT

Grand Canyon University (GCU) will be giving an encore presentation of their 2012 Educause speaking session: ‘Utilizing Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Outcomes‘, which will showcase how analytics has impacted student learning and teaching at their institution.

Join us to hear GCU discuss the impact of predictive analytics on student learning, instructional improvement, program management, as well as how deploying LoudAnalytics allowed them to:

  • Provide students, instructors, and administrators access to over 70 canned and on-demand reports. These cover activity, engagement, and performance analysis with integrated alerts and notifications
  • “Compare” progress over time and across a variety of variables
  • Analyze data via models to identify and “predict” performance
  • Use “recommendations” based on inputs gathered from previous levels

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